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General Conditions of Sale of is an Internet domain and registered trademark, registered in the Reg. Commercial, volume: 46095 folio: 1 67 sheet: 509313 inscription: 1 registration date 14 sept 2017 with brand number :3563625 is adhered for years to the main ethical codes of the trade sector of meaning of use of sales in the market of textile manufacturing and trade

The user gives his express consent to receive electronic communications with advertising and commercial news of undered sl and the products or services that he markets or promotes. Undered sl makes available to users the means of contact referred to them so that they revoke their consent.

The customer who registers and consults through the website of may or may not consent that their data will be transferred subsequently to Undered sl entering into part of its database of customers or users registered for commercial purposes, and advertising, accepting the receipt of informational mail and offers. In that case, the client will be enrolled in the Undered sl client file and will enter everything and for everything under The general privacy policy of Undered sl.

Undered sl has the necessary permits and licenses for its own trademark assignment activities.


Products on our Web and catalogues are directed only to individuals and professionals implanted in Spanish territory.

All products of our catalogues, Web or tents of Undered sl or authorised, are subject to availability by stock.


Garantía product. All of our products enjoy the guarantee that the manufacturer of the product provides from the date of the invoice. The guarantee does not cover the shortcomings caused by the inadequate use or normal wear of the products.

Protection guarantee

You have 1 month for a possible change of opinion prior to the use of the product (provided that this is kept in perfect within its original packaging and with all of its accessories and precincts in optimal conditions) and up to 15 days for the claim of damage caused by transport. In no case will guarantees cover the returns of gifts or gifts that we found on the order.

Return of merchandise

The acceptance of the goods presupposes the conformity of the buyer with all these conditions of sale, and the special ones of each commercial operation.

The Protection Guarantee service we offer you allows you to return the products for change of opinion without any change for you, for 1 month after the purchase of the product  (provided that the product is not in promotion, or offered, and the goods are in perfect condition within their original packaging with all their accessories without having been used and with the seals in optimal conditions) and will have 2 days to perform their refunds for damage caused to the goods during transport. In case of non-acceptance of our Protection Guarantee service all expenses arising from the return of material will be borne by the customer, only the return can be made within the legally established deadlines: 7 calendar days purchase of the product for exchange or return and 24 hours for transport damage. Returns of special references requested upon request for the customer will not be accepted.

Goods returned directly by the customer will not be accepted without prior notice undered sl reserves the right not to refund the amount of the goods if the return conditions set out in our Conditions of return are not met General Sales Generals.

Goods returned directly by the customer will not be accepted: in any case Undered sl will arrange the collection. Undered sl reserves the right not to refund the amount of the goods in all returns if the return conditions set out in our General Conditions of Sale are not met.


Undered sl shall not in any case be responsible for any damage to any kind which may arise from an inadequate use of its products. The only obligation of Undered sl shall be to fix (see the secured subparagraph) or if it is to replenish the buyer the quantity of the product to be checked, not being responsible for the injuries, loss or damage caused by the injury. Manufacturers of products marketed by Undered sl are always brands recognised worldwide in this sector.

Domain Reserve

As long as the corresponding invoice has not been fully paid, the products will remain Undered sl ownership with all rights.


The divergences that could be raised will be treated through the courts, with express resignation to any Other jurisdiction.